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for the heisman trophy right now. kansas state the number two team in the nation. john saunders alongside jesse palmer. that is at 8:00 eastern time. it looked like perhaps kansas state might be solidifying their hold on that number two spot but the fighting irish of notre dame would not go easily against pitt. it looked for a while like they were done. pitt down 6-3 in the contest. ray graham who had a terrific day turns the corner here and goes outside. >> big runs in this game for ray graham. 55 yards, 48 yards. this one here showing you his speed and getting into the end zone. notre dame giving up explosive plays. i haven't seen that a lot this year. >> j.p.holtz. >> as in lou holtz perhaps? >> it looked like that way for pitt. first and goal. a wide receiver screen to t.j. jones. touchdown. >> set up by a controversial pass interference call on tight end tyler eifert. >> an interception by pitt so looks like they will ice the game. notre dame gets the ball back and golston finds riddick for the two-point conversion. golston takes it himself. >> he extends the play and making things happen
. >> joe, thanks a lot. john saunders here. we want to let you know everett golson and notre dame on the road ready to face an angry sooners crowd. oklahoma and notre dame coming up at the top of the hour, 8:00 eastern time. we'll see you then. >>> and our giants are just two wins away from the world series championship as the fall classic shifts to chilly detroit. the giants but their best heat on the ground. the giants will fight to close out the world series this weekend, however it won't be easy, mike shumann is live in detroit. hi, mike. >> mike: how are you doing? we're right outside of comerica park, and if there's ever a must-win in a world series for the detroit tigers it's tonight in game three. i'm going to give them the advantage. we go back to american league rules and the legs -- designated hitter, and it's 40 degrees right now, expected to be 348 gametime. now, baseball players aren't used to playing in this kind of weather. so hunter pence told me, we're going to have to deal with it. >> we hope not. go out there and try to focus on the task at hand and be able to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2